Brink DLC Coming in Early July, Free for Limited Time

Brink might have not been the blockbuster title that Bethesda hoped for, but it hasn’t kept the game from being the number two best-selling title in recent NPD sales. If you have been enjoying Brink and are looking for more intense action, then you only have a couple more weeks to wait. Bethesda has announced that the first DLC for the game, Agents of Change, will be available in early July. With that announcement, Bethesda also revealed that the DLC will be free for the first two weeks on all platforms.

Agents of Change will bring two new maps: Founders’ Tower and Labs. New abilities will also come with this DLC, including a pyro mine, napalm grenade, UAV, a field regeneration unit, and a tactical scanner. Outfits will also be included in the DLC: Limey and Sad Punk, which will give some style to your characters. Finally, you can cause more mayhem with two new weapon attachments: a bayonet for an increase in melee damage or a riot shield.

Along with the DLC, an online update will be hitting consoles, tweaking AI and weapons. Most of the alterations were taken straight from player feedback and will be made available the day the DLC is released.

Bethesda provided no release date for the DLC and update (nor a price after the initial two weeks), but they mentioned that the DLC was going through the approval process with both Sony and Microsoft.