Bring Home the Fairy Tale of Enchanted Now for Nintendo DS

November 13, 2007

Bring Home the Fairy Tale of Enchanted Now for
Nintendo DS

Explore the Magical Lives of Giselle and
Friends as They Journey Through Adventures Inspired by the New Walt Disney
Pictures’ ENCHANTED Film

Girls of all ages have something to look forward
to this holiday season as they explore the magical land of Andalasia and
modern-day New York City in Enchanted from Disney Interactive Studios. In stores
now and inspired by the major motion picture, Walt Disney Pictures’ ENCHANTED,
Enchanted for Nintendo DS allows players to become Giselle, Prince Edward and
Pip as they embark on epic adventures inspired by the movie and beyond.

“Fans of the film will appreciate the many
adventures the Enchanted game has to offer,” said Craig Relyea, vice president,
marketing for Disney Interactive Studios. “Players can explore the dramatically
different worlds of Andalasia and New York City by taking on the roles of
Giselle, Prince Edward and Pip, as well as re-live key moments from the film.”

Enchanted combines adventures from the movie with
original gameplay elements to make this the ultimate video game for fans.
Players must use each character’s magical powers to stay out of trouble and
defeat enemies, including the evil Queen Narissa. As Giselle, players learn
songs and use the stylus and touch screen to gain powers by tracing enchanted
symbols, collecting items and befriending animals. Girls can also create dresses
for Giselle and trade them wirelessly with friends. As Prince Edward, players
defeat enemies through unique combat systems, by riding on his horse and using
his sword. Finally, players can take on the role of Pip, Giselle’s chipmunk
friend, to collect hidden items and complete challenging mini-games.

Enchanted also offers fans a Spanish language
option. This is the first video game from Disney Interactive Studios to ship in
North America that highlights this option on its packaging, allowing fans to
play in the language that is most comfortable to them. In addition, players can
download exclusive content from the Enchanted video game Web site,, including
images, cheat codes, dioramas, and more to throw an Enchanted themed party. The
Web site also features an online activity where visitors can decorate Giselle’s
room and earn more bonus items.

Published by Disney Interactive Studios and
developed by Altron Corporation, Enchanted is rated “E” for everyone with mild
cartoon violence. It is available in stores now for $29.99. For more information
about Enchanted, log on to