Bright Times Ahead for Online Gamers as BRIGHT SHADOW Enters Open Beta

October 27, 2009

Bright Times Ahead for Online
Gamers as BRIGHT SHADOW Enters Open Beta

Gamers can brighten up and say good
bye to dull online gaming days – open beta testing of Bright Shadow has
commenced! Gamepot’s highly-anticipated free-to-play massively multi-player
online role-playing game (MMORPG) – renowned for its cute, cartoon-like
characters and novel monsters – is now bringing the battle between good and evil
to PCs throughout North America as it enters open beta.

“Bright Shadow offers online gamers
a breath of fresh air, something truly new and fun, with a captivating storyline
and peculiar adventures for any type of player to relish,” said Thomas Lee,
senior director of business and marketing, Gamepot (USA), Inc. “Our players will
delve into the mysteries of Soul Power and witness first-hand some of the most
quirky, fairytale-ish monsters ever seen in an online game. We are excited to
offer Bright Shadow to our growing community and hear their feedback on the
fantastical adventure.”

In Bright Shadow, the peaceful
civilization of Luciena has known the mysterious properties of “Soul Power” – an
entity that exists within every facet of the universe, in all sentient beings,
that can be used for benevolence or manipulated for evil. However, deep within
the Umbra Realm, nefarious beings seek to use the Soul Power to enslave, oppress
and kill others; believing death is the only path to unlocking its true
potential. After enduring countless attacks at the hands of the Umbra, the
people of Luciena have dedicated themselves to the study of Soul Power to use it
as a weapon against their enemies. Now with the battle lines drawn, an epic war
has begun, with total control of Soul Power hanging in the balance.

Bright Shadow, like all Gamepot
games, is a completely free-to-play experience with the option of purchasing
“Pot Cash” for special in-game items. For more information, or to sign up for a
chance to be part of the beta, please visit