Breathtaking Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer shows lots of planes

♪ Fly me to the moon ♪

Microsoft shared an incredible new trailer for the newest iteration of its legendary Flight Simulator franchise. This time it’s all about the planes with MS focusing on the first eight aircraft manufacturers whose planes will be in the sim. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be launching next year for PC and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below!

With the most recent Flight Simulator by Microsoft having released more than a decade ago in 2006, fans of the hardcore sim had to wait quite long for a proper sequel. That’s despite Microsoft Flight Simulator X getting a quasi-remaster with a Steam Edition in 2014. It’s still basically the same game just updated for the newest PC hardware.

At X019, we’re thrilled to reveal many of the great aircraft manufacturers we are partnering with to make Microsoft Flight Simulator the most realistic flight simulation yet. As you saw in our new trailer, we have a broad range of aircraft, including commercial airliners, business jets, and general aviation aircraft, all from the most renowned manufacturers.

The breadth of partnerships we have forged for the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator goes far beyond what was done for previous titles. We are determined to make this sim, and all of its components, as authentic as possible.

With the new proper entry simply called Microsoft Flight Simulator, we’re not that far away for once again strapping in the cockpit of our favorite real-world planes and taking to the skies. It’s a true generational leap from X with the use of real-world satellite images which elevates the new Flight Simulator dangerously close into photorealistic territory.