Breath of the Wild-inspired Genshin Impact comes to PS4 this Fall

Other platforms are confirmed as well

PS4 owners can look forward to playing the free-to-play open-world action-RPG Genshin Impact later this fall. Don’t let the F2P moniker deter you since the game offers a lot more than you might expect. Check out the new trailer here!

Genshin Impact might have flown under the radar of many and it’s not difficult to understand. With no major publisher promoting the title heavily, it’s a real hidden gem. There is a lot to like and it runs deeper than the genres.

It’s not an MMO while being a Free-to-Play online game. It can be played like a singleplayer title but offers multiplayer. In essence, it’s an open-world action-RPG that has deep online interactions if you desire so.

You’ll have complete freedom to customize a party of up to 4 characters, mixing and matching their different elements. You can swap between your party members mid-combat to combine different elemental effects, causing powerful elemental reactions (yes, think chemistry class, but bigger). We wanted to create a game that could embody the spirit of discovery and experimentation. The more you know about the elements and use them to your advantage, the more they will reward you in your adventure.

But the first thing that will strike you is the art style. It reminds us of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A lot. But there are worse games to take inspiration from, especially if it’s one of the best games of the last decade.

Just like in Breath of the Wild, a lush and colorful large open-world invites players to explore it. It’s not just the visual either, even the gameplay is reminiscing of BotW. Again, if you take inspiration, why not go for the best?

Other platforms like PC, Nintendo Switch, and even Xbox One have been confirmed but since the release window of Fall 2020 was unveiled during PlayStation’s State of Play event, we only have Sony’s platform to go by for now.

Genshin Impact already had players experience what it has on offer in recent betas and early impressions are painting a very nice picture which ought to make it not only a worthwhile game until the BotW sequel comes out but a great game on its own right.