Bravely Second reveals the Exorcist class and Geist Asterisk Holder

Like it never happened

Bring on the Bravely Second news! Looks like we’re getting a brand new class known as the “Exorcist.” This classes’ focus will on its power to ”Undo” which returns what was lost. What this means is that the Exorcist cancel out damage before it occurs up to three turns before it occurs. This effect also works on MP and BP. If that wasn’t enough, Undo can also be used on foes to prevent them from healing.

This ability is a gamble but I dig it. It seems quite unique compared to other functions in both Bravely Second and RPGs in general. Due to how the Bravely franchise works, I’m sure there will be some killer combos with this Undo power.

Along with the Exorcist, comes information on the asterisk holder you’ll have to defeat to get this class from. His name is Geist. The pictures feature this apparent mad man. This character is voiced by Takumi Yamazaki.

While we don’t have an American release date still, Bravely Second will be out on the 3DS come April 23rd in Japan.