Brave Frontier’s Unholy Tower returns to set up the final event

Just how far did you make it up the 200 floors of the Unholy Tower last time this event came to town in Brave Frontier? Sure you have completed all 200 floors, but did you capture Xenon on floors 11-100? What about Princess Estia on floors 111-200? The capture of these two characters AND completion of the 200 floors are a requirement to enter the next phase coming up. This event will allow you to capture the combines pre-cursed version of Xenon and Estia. Just look how cute the two are, and yes, Xenon is one handing that princess.

Until that event starts, Gumi has opened up both version of the Unholy Tower up again to give you a shot at the three requirements. When it comes to love, what’s 200 floors and the capture of your significant other? Child’s play. The reopening of these floors has started and will go until July 26th.

Good luck.