Brave Frontier’s The Unholy Tower continues with the Truth and the Cursed Princess

So, did you finish all 100 floors of the Unholy Tower? You should have. For now there is the next 100 floors with the Cursed Princess Estia running ramped. Just like her knight Xenon, she invades randomly and tries to break your face in. Also similarly, she has a chance of dropping in her human form after defeating her. Go get Estia!

You’re going to want to note that Gumi has said that for the NEXT part of the Unholy Tower event you’re going to need to have captured both Xenon and Estia. Why? I have no idea, just do it already. The first part of the tower ends June 19th at 23:00 PST and the second goes until June 21st at 23:00 PST.  

There is more incentive to complete this event than ever before! There are rewards for completing specific floors. Here are said rewards:

  • Floors 121-130 : One Metal God
  • Floors 141-150 : One Gem
  • Floors 161-170 : One Light God
  • Floors 191-200 : One Gem

Best of luck with floors 101-200. It’s going to be another hike. HOW MANY FLOORS ARE IN THIS TOWER!? Why did Xenon think such a huge tower would be a good place to hide? Oh yea, the giant monster IS Princess Estia… spoiler!