Brave Frontier’s Lone Traveler dungeon allows a chance for Alma and Atro to drop

If you’re anything like me in Brave Frontier, you lack some serious light troops. With the Lone Traveler Vortex Gate that recently opened, you have a chance to capture both Alma and Atro. While this is the dungeon to get Alma, there is a chance for Atro (the white “starter”) to invade and drop. Not too shabby – especially with her recent 6* evolution.

This dungeon is open from now to June 25th at 19:00 PST. There are three levels of this dungeon, the higher ones with a greater drop rate. For finishing the level 3 dungeon, you will receive a gem so that’s totally worth it. Hell, you may even get yourself an Atro in the process.

Best of luck! Time’s a ticking.