Brave Frontier’s Gun Goddess of the Tides crashes Maiden Serin upon the shore

The next Battle Maiden is here! Like, right now here. Maiden Serin has crawled out of the sea and she bows to no man – not even gods. This Brave Frontier lady packs a chain gun named Vequa and she’s all sorts of ready to get her revenge upon the lands of Grand Gaia. This blue bomber packs a chain gun, a CHAIN GUN.

She’s currently live and will be so until May 10th at 23:59 PST. She part of a vortex event and by no means is a 100% drop rate, so prepare to farm. Straight form fire, to ice. Look previous Battle Maidens, she has three tiers you can hope to pick her up from. Each tier having a different state of her existence: Maiden Serin, Gun Lady Serin, and Gun Goddess Serin. Her leader skill boosts the attack power of water types by 25% at her lowest form and 50% at her highest.

Best of luck in your endeavor in grabbing her and her ruby ducky. Check out her intro video above.