Brave Frontier’s cold as ice Sibyl Sister Eliza arrives

The greatest darkness is born out of fallen good. Eliza is the second eldest of the Sybil sisters and one of the more bitter ones in Brave Frontier. While she once fought for humans, after seeing the evil deeds they are capable of, she turned her blades on them.

Quite fitting to her backstory, she is a water unit who also does dark attacks. Eliza’s leader skill gives bonus damage to both water and dark units as well for duel color comps. Her brave burst, Permafrost, dispatches fire and light units with AoE ease. Lastly, her attacks also have the chance to poison her foes.

Snow Sibyl Eliza is currently available now unit June 6th at 19:00 PST. Her level 3 dungeon costs 25 stamina and her level 4 costs 30.  Freya is running out of time and Paula is on dreck for later today. Best of luck!