Brave Frontier releases the 6 Gods of Grand Gaias’ final forms

If you’ve been holding onto your five star versions of Phoenix, Alneu, Behemoth, Wyvern, Leviathan and Memetes in Brave Frontier, I have good news for you. Their final forms, the 6 star versions, are NOW available. After a short update this morning, these Gods of Grand Gaia can now be evolved into mighty creatures of legend.

  • Phoenix: Phoenix Reborn
  • Alneu: Alpha Tree Altri
  • Behemoth: Omega  Behemoth
  • Wyvern: Duelmex
  • Leviathan: Felneus
  • Memetes: Hellborn Dilias

While these beauties are already in the game, keep in mind that there will be a sever maintenance for the patch update continuing tomorrow. This will be going down May 15th, starting at 00.00 PST. Lastly, if this surprise wasn’t enough for you, the developers have promised more surprises to occur after the maintenance.