Brave Frontier June patch adds new 5 & 6 star evolutions, new lands, and crystal gods

This was a HUGE patch for Brave Frontier and it came out of nowhere. In case you’ve been running Metal Parades and you came across a HUGE new ghost you’ve never seen, don’t fret, it’s actually your lucky day. These beauties are crystal gods and give a whole ton of XP to your troops. Best of luck getting as many as possible!

Next, Gumi added some new five and six evolutions for those characters who have just been sitting maxed out for some time now. For 5 star evolutions we’re looking at:

  • Smith Lord Galant
  • Mother Snow Stya
  • Quake Fist Nemia
  • Thunder Punt Zeln
  • Brave Hero Alma
  • Red Shadow Oboro

The new six star evolutions include:

  • Sacred Flame Lava
  • Sea King Mega
  • Holy Arms Douglas
  • Holy Shock Emilia
  • Holy Guard Will
  • Hell Keep Alice

There are also an entire new continent, Lizeria, for new harder and extensive adventure. If all of that isn’t enough, there are a few new upgrades in your town including some new items to research. Enjoy the trailer above and explore more of Grand Gaia!