Brave Frontier introduces raid mode and 7-star units

It may just be time to return

If you’ve ever played Brave Frontier, you might have experienced being mocked by “Raid Mode Coming Soon” on the main menu. Well, you will no longer be mocked! Raid Mode will add options to high end players. You’ll be teaming up with other players internationally to complete endgame quests and take down ridiculous bosses. Players will be granted 30 minutes to hunt down and murder said target. Due to the high difficulty, players will be expected to have to play with three friends online.

Why would you do this? Rewards of course. Completion of raids will grant you the materials to make exotic weapons and items. There will even be boots to enhance stats or exp gain. Raid mode will be players that are at least level 100.

If all of that didn’t light a spark under your buttocks, how about new seven star upgrades? That’s right, the original six heroes (Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress) will all have a a seven star form. Also new 7-Star forms of the game’s Six Disciples of the Gods – Alpha, Tazer, Tora, Kanon, Kira, and Feeva will be added.

This probably means other characters will follow in the future. It be looking like things be on the rise in Brave Frontier’s future.