Brash Announces Space Chimps

January 31, 2008

Brash Announces Space Chimps

Brash creating game in partnership with
Vanguard Animation and Starz Media

Brash Entertainment today announced development
of a Space Chimps game based on the animated film of the same name produced by
Vanguard Animation and presented by Starz Media. The highly anticipated “Space
Chimps” is produced by John H. Williams (Shrek and Shrek 2) and Barry Sonnenfeld
(Men in Black, The Addams Family) and features the voice talent of Andy Samberg,
Cheryl Hines, Patrick Warburton, Kristin Chenoweth and Stanley Tucci. The game
will release alongside the Twentieth Century Fox film release on July 18, 2008.

The hilarious new CGI-animated adventure-comedy
follows the adventures of a mischievous circus chimp named Ham (Samberg) who
happens to be the grandson of the first primate ever sent into space. As a
publicity stunt, Ham is chosen to lead a mission into space to explore a
mysterious new planet. But when he and his crew crash land on the bizarre yet
beautiful world and find their lives in peril, Ham must prove that he really
does have “the right stuff.”

Fans of the film can expand their experience with
the game, which will offer players a unique storyline that chronicles the quest
of Ham and Luna (Hines) as they overcome the perils of an alien planet in search
of Earth’s lost Infinity Space Probe.

“The Space Chimps movie introduces a loveable
cast of characters that fans will be quite fond of,” explained Mitch Davis,
co-founder, chairman and CEO of Brash Entertainment. “We’ve collaborated with
Vanguard to create a game that incorporates the characters and world of the
movie while building a unique storyline with new characters, giving fans the
opportunity to be able live in the ‘Space Chimps’ world a little longer.”

“When looking for a partner to translate Space
Chimps into a game, we knew Brash Entertainment would be a perfect fit for what
we were looking for,” said Amorette Jones, EVP Worldwide Marketing for Starz
Media. “They’ve taken the world we’ve created and brought it to life in a game
that will be fun and light-hearted—in keeping with the spirit of the movie.”

“We’re excited about the upcoming release of
Space Chimps, and equally happy that Brash is the company that produces the
first ever game based on a Vanguard project,” said Williams, who is also chief
executive of Vanguard Animation. “We know this game will enable fans to extend
the Space Chimps experience.”

Space Chimps will be available for the XBOX 360,
PLAYSTATION 2, the Wii and Nintendo DS. The game has not yet been rated and will
be available at retailers nationwide this summer.