BRAINPIPE Wants To Suck Your Cranium Dry!

March 2, 2009

BRAINPIPE Wants To Suck Your
Cranium Dry!

Unhumanity Beckons To One And

Have you become more unhuman than
human yet?

With the Independent Games Festival
fast approaching (as in March 25th in San Francisco) and Digital Eel’s latest
title, BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity, nominated in the Excellence In Audio
category, Shrapnel Games would like to take a moment to point out that everyone
should really be playing BRAINPIPE. In fact, we can think of ten reasons you
should be playing off the top of our heads.

Reason #10: BRAINPIPE is a
fiendishly addictive spatial awareness game that can be played with one hand.
And unlike other software that emphasizes a one hand approach BRAINPIPE’s one
handed gameplay won’t put you in an embarrassing situation if someone walks in
on you.

Reason #9: BRAINPIPE involves
lots of mesmerizing colors. It’s like a 15th level wizard cast color spray on
your monitor, or the aftermath of a Skittles factory explosion.

Reason #8: BRAINPIPE has
really cool audio thanks to its Eelmix. Amazingly cool. So cool it’s white hot.
Someone should give these folks an award for their audio work.

Reason #7: BRAINPIPE is a
game that can be played in short bursts. No need to clear an entire weekend to
devote to it, you can fire it up at lunch and worm your way through your
subconscious before your Hot Pocket gets cold.

Reason #6: BRAINPIPE hearkens
back to the days of the arcade, except instead of being limited to three letters
on the leaderboard, you can type out entire words! Have fun trying to beat your
high score, or compete against your friends by comparing scores.

Reason #5: BRAINPIPE
resurrected Jonathan Winters. Or maybe he was just not dead to begin with.
Either way, Jonathan Winters is being talked about and it’s all because of

Reason #4: BRAINPIPE is
educational. Few people know this but if you were to shrink down to a
microscopic size and travel down the neural passages of your brain, it would
look like BRAINPIPE. Scout’s honor!

Reason #3: BRAINPIPE spelled
backwards is EPIPNIARB, which sounds like an asthma medication as created by
Jimmy Buffet.

Reason #2: BRAINPIPE is only
$14.95. What else will provide you countless hours of entertainment for only
$14.95? You can find $14.95 in pocket change in your sofa. Of course, you can’t
spend it online, so that may not be so helpful.

Reason #1: BRAINPIPE makes
you hip and a winner with the ladies. Or guys. But not sheep.

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity is
available right now for Windows and Mac at the amazingly low price of only
$14.95. You can read more about this exciting game and download a demo by
visiting its
product page

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity
will be featured at the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival on March 25th as
part of the Game Developers Conference held at the Moscone Center in San
Francisco. It is nominated for Excellence In Audio and surely must win. If
you’re attending the IGF please say hello to Digital Eel. Just make sure you
don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight.

Browse our entire list of award
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and enjoy many free games, the majority courtesy of Digital Eel. Celebrating a
decade in business, Shrapnel Games is proud to be the publisher of BRAINPIPE and
all the other fine games of excellence that we offer. Please download some
demos, stop by the forums, and have a good time when you’re dropping by!