Bounty Bay Online – Largest ever expansion Beyond the Horizon just launched

November 26, 2009

There’s much more to be found beyond the horizon

Bounty Bay Online – Beyond the Horizon available free of
charge right now

Frogster has successfully completed the launch of the biggest
ever expansion for its seafaring online role play game Bounty Bay Online. With
the new add-on ‘Beyond the Horizon’ players can now take the route around Cape
Horn and circumnavigate the whole of the historical seafarer world for the first
time. The free expansion will take advanced players to the new continent of
South America where the legendary Maya civilization awaits discovery with its
impressive stepped pyramids, demanding quest lines and a whole new instance.
From the ‘Magellan Supply Station’ in the south to the snow-covered ‘Seward’ in
the far north, six new cities and harbors in South and North America await
traders, seafarers and adventurers. Just like its predecessors, ‘Beyond the
Horizon’ is available free of charge. The complete new version and the update
are now available on the official website

With the release of ‘Beyond the Horizon’, Bounty Bay Online
now boasts five unique character classes on offer. While players only practiced
professions and skills so far, they can now choose the life of a Treasure
Hunter, Armed Businessman, Imperial Guardian, Military Officer or a Caribbean
Pirate. Each of the classes is defined by its special abilities which can be
expanded in a comprehensive skills tree. After conquering high level instances
or gaining a victory in PvP, an individual powerful equipment set beckons to all
character classes. With the new expansion, a beginner-friendly tutorial quest
series guides players gently into the new class system and through all of the
basic game functions. New graphical dialogue boxes, an interactive quest guide
as well as a new window for PvP events and world announcements mean that playing
gets considerably more user-friendly.

‘Beyond the Horizon’ supplements Bounty Bay Online further
with an expanded active pet system. Four new companions in arms called Hell
Wolf, Ice Fairy, Shadow Reaper and Wild Bull, not only feature previous values
such as loyalty, health, experience or pet levels, but new additional attributes
such as ‘Damage Bonus’ and ‘Critical Strike’. In the pet interface players can
supply the four newcomers with special equipment or exclusive skills. Thanks to
their own inventories, the new companions can also offer additional storage
space for the main character.

The historical seafarer world is being further enriched with a
new Merchant Alliance system. In ‘Beyond the Horizon’ not just individual
players, but also entire fleets or guilds can now join different alliances such
as the Iberian or Netherlands Merchant Alliance. With special quest series for
everyone of these, there are some quite exceptional rewards on offer. Further
highlights of the add-on are a new tournament system, a new marriage system, a
new land and a new sea combat arena, some expanded instances and over 40 new
main quests. What’s more in ‘Beyond the Horizon’, players can measure themselves
in various new ranking systems, such as a guild ranking, a land combat ranking,
a millionaires’ ranking, or a fisherman’s ranking.

A micro site
  explains all new features of the
expansion in detail.