Boston Festival of Indie Games seeks expansion through Kickstarter

Last year the Boston Festival of Indie Games premiered with its inaugural event at the MIT campus. The show was a success, with over 2,000 attendees listening in on talks, networking, and, of course, playing some games. This year the festival is looking to expand in size with a much larger space at the MIT site.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games is asking for $15,000 in Kickstarter pledges to create an even more inviting place for individuals who attend the show. Backers who donate at least $25 will receive the Figgie Bundle, distributed by IndieGameStand, which includes the following games from Boston-based devs:

  • Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios
  • Go Home Dinosaurs by Fire Hose Games
  • Fish Listening to the Radio! by Popcannibal
  • Lost Marbles by Binary Takeover
  • Dejobaan's Easiest Game Ever by Dejobaan Games
  • Moonlight – Mistress of Mischief by Lantana Games

Boston has developed quite the indie development presence over the years, and the Boston Festival of Indie Games is helping to further share what that spectrum of the industry is all about. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 14 at the MIT campus. This is an all ages show that's free to the public, so if you can, be sure to attend and check out some cool games.


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