Borderlands going free on PS3 for PlayStation Plus members

With Borderlands 2's release just around the corner, Gearbox and Sony are trying to get PS3 fans familiar with the wasteland planet of Pandora. Beginning September 4th, the PlayStation Plus update will offer members the original Borderlands for free.

For those of you planning to pick up a copy of Borderlands 2 when it releases on September 18, you might want to go ahead and download this. By doing so you can also guarantee the exclusive character customizations that become available when Borderlands 2 recognizes save data from the original game.

In addition to the standalone game, all add-ons for Borderlands will be on sale for two weeks. All expansions, including Zombie Island and New Revolution, will be available for 50% off. For all other games that will be part of the PlayStation Plus update, check out the PlayStation Blog.