Borderlands 3 probably won’t be on Nintendo Switch because Nintendo has “other priorities”

"Other priorities" is very vague...

Nintendo seems to want us all to think they have a lot of third party support coming to the Nintendo Switch but they have a really bizarre way of showing it. There's really a lack of third party games coming, and the ones that have been announced are rumored to have been watered down or are ports of last gen games. Although no one really expected it to come to the Switch, Gearbox's Randy Pitchford revealed via Twitter that Borderlands 3 will probably not appear on the Nintendo Switch.

One eager fan asked about the likelihood of the violent RPG coming to the Switch and Pitchford was quick to shoot the idea down. Pitchford revealed that Gearbox was "talking to Nintendo" but suddenly they just dropped communications. Pitchford went on to mention that the company has "other priorities", whatever that means.

You would think if Nintendo is so keen on getting third-party studios to make games, they wouldn't suddenly drop them. Especially ones with major IPs like Borderlands! It could be we just don't have the full story yet, hopefully, we will learn more about it in the future.

It is interesting that the two were even talking about it at all. Could Borderlands 3 have run on the system or were they perhaps talking about porting previous Borderlands games to the platform? Who knows! Publisher 2K is one of many third-party studios that has signed on to support the Switch but at the moment their only announced game for it appears to be NBA 2K18.

The Nintendo Switch releases March 3rd, 2017 and will cost $299.99.