Borderlands 2 won’t address all PC issues

Back in March, Gearbox promised to make the PC version of Borderlands 2 "more enjoyable". While the game was fun to play on PC, Gearbox acknowledged there were some improvements to make – particularly with the matchmaking system and UI.

While Gearbox is looking to make improvements with the PC version, the developer admitted not all elements will be addressed and adjusted citing economic reasons.

Speaking to IncGamers, Gearbox's chief creative officer Brian Martel explained that Borderlands 2, along with other multiplatform games, risks becoming "economically unviable" if not created with "all systems in mind".

With that being said, Martel did detail some of the changes made to the PC version, notably with the mouse and keyboard.

“We did a lot more with mouse and keyboard, for sure,” Martel told IncGamers. “But what people need to understand is that we’re a business and we can’t redo every element for the PC. If we did that it just wouldn’t be feasible to make a game of this size."

"Using the mouse and keyboard is a compelling experience because this is a shooter at its core. The RPG elements add a lot of depth, but it’s a shooter at its core," he explained. "We’ve added a lot of UI elements that are aimed at the mouse and keyboard and make it really nice to click through."

Previously, Gearbox noted an improved native multiplayer matchmaking system, a Field of View slider, and "better menus" that make the mouse "usable". They also said Borderlands 2 will have "fully remappable keybindings for the keyboard and mouse and a 'PC-specific' user interface".

Martel added: “That’s just the fundamental nature of making these kinds of games – you’re predominantly making it on a PC and then using consoles to test that it works properly. You do have to make it with all of the systems in mind. If you concentrate on just one it becomes economically unviable.”

Borderlands 2, which releases worldwide on September 18, is said to have a nearly 60 hour campaign, not taking into account the new Badass Points system and all four character classes.