Borderlands 2 will be a ‘totally new experience’ on Pandora

Since Borderlands 2 was first revealed, Gearbox has expressed their focus on diversity in the sequel.  As a follow-up to the smash hit role-playing/first person shooter, Borderlands, Gearbox has already said they don't plan on rocking the boat too much with this one.  In fact, the emphasis of Borderlands 2 is on evolving the game and tweaking it to make it better than the original; not losing focus on what Borderlands is all about.

For many, the original Borderlands was a great game, but got repetitive towards the end.  Hours of grinding in the same locale got redundant.  This time, Gearbox promises change, particularly in the game's weakest area – Pandora.

One of the largest complaints heading into Borderlands 2 was that the world of Pandora was too bland.  Gearbox did a great job of creating a barren wasteland, but after hours of looking at the same dull, brown color palette, it became tiring on the eyes.  This time around, Gearbox promises a "totally new experience on Pandora".

Speaking to OPMUK, Borderlands 2 senior producer Sean Reardon said players can expect a world that is "much more alive."

"The world itself is much more alive, while still giving you a sense of being in a barren wasteland," he said.  "Our game also hits a much broader range of environments – [it] isn’t just brown!"

"Expect to see a lot more variety, color and life. It’ll be a totally new experience on Pandora."

Back in September, Gearbox first mentioned the focus on diverse environments in Borderlands 2.

Designer Scott Kester told players they could expect to see a wide range of environments including an arctic tundra and grasslands.

"You will see a arctic tundra, the grasslands…there's gonna be classic desert environments, and much more that can't be revealed," he teased during a livestream.

Gearbox announced last week that Borderlands 2 will release on September 18th of this year.