Borderlands 2 lacks ‘OMG’ features to warrant a Wii U port

Gearbox Software has no plans to bring its popular RPG-shooter, Borderlands 2, to the Wii U. That could change in the future, should Gearbox think of ways to uniquely use the Wii U's innovative GamePad controller, but as it stands now there just isn't an "OMG" feature that warrants a port.

Speaking with GamesMaster, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford explained, “We get asked if there is going to be a Wii U version of Borderlands, and the reason why there’s not is because we couldn’t think of a natural, obvious, ‘OMG, I want that for what the Wii U brings to the table’ feature.”

It's not the Wii U's fault, however. In fact, Gearbox has found plenty of use for the GamePad with another one of their titles, Aliens: Colonial Marines. According to Pitchford, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a better fit due to the game's motion scanner device, seen in James Cameron's iconic movie.

“But with Aliens, the first thing we thought was ‘Holy shit, I can have a motion controller in my hands!’ When it’s there in my lap it feels like I’m part of the movie," Pitchford said.

Perhaps we should applaud Pitchford and Gearbox for their decision to not release a port of Borderlands 2 just for the hell of it. It's nice to see a developer actually want to add something of value to a port and to refrain from doing so if they can't think of anything innovative.

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