Borderlands 2 Avatar swag available on Xbox 360

With Borderlands 2 set to release in less than a month it's time to prep your Xbox LIVE avatar for the trip back to Pandora.

All sorts of avatar swag are now available to purchase on Xbox 360, ranging from props to shirts to full blown costumes.

Below are some of the items you can get for your avatar. Be sure to check out the Xbox LIVE marketplace for more items.

  • Bandit Logo Shirt – 80 MP
  • Maya the Siren Costume – 240 MP
  • Vault Emblem T-Shirt – 80 MP
  • Axton the Commando Costume – 240 MP
  • Gunzerker Dual-Wield Toy Guns – 240 MP
  • Elemental Skag Pet Prop – 240 MP
  • Zero the Assassin Costume – 240 MP

Think you have what it takes to catch Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2? He's got a message for you: "Come and get me".