Boom Blox Now Available for Wii

May 6, 2008


Explosive Fun With High-Energy,
Action-Packed Entertainment On Wii

Throw, grab, and blast your way
through the must-have Wii™ game for Summer 2008! The EA Casual Entertainment
Label today announced that BOOM BLOX™, the first game released in collaboration
between EA and director and producer Steven Spielberg, has shipped in North
America and will be available May 8 in Europe, May 13 across Asia, and May 22 in
Japan for Wii. Perfect for kids 8-12 years old and fun for the entire family,
BOOM BLOX offers action-packed destruction that takes Wii play to a new level of
enjoyment and creativity. BOOM BLOX is also available across major carriers for
the mobile phone.

“BOOM BLOX was designed to be
interactive, pure escapism, and fun for kids of all ages,” said Steven
Spielberg. “My hope is that it will be a great shared family experience.”

In this high-energy game, players
make their way through almost four hundred levels of strategic destruction! Kids
and families will destroy their way through brain-twisting challenges with
single player, co-op, and versus multiplayer options with no clean up required.

Joined by a cast of more than thirty
wacky characters with distinct personalities and behaviors, players will be
entertained by Marion “Fluffy” McCluck, the bomb blox-laying chicken and Boots
Beaverton, who likes to make the bomb blox explode. These fun characters bring
personality to the Tiki, Medieval, Frontier, and Haunted themed worlds.

Equipped with an easy-to-use in-game
editor, BOOM BLOX allows kids to express their creativity by building and
bringing to life their very own levels in Create Mode. Players can even remix
any existing levels in the game in this unique mode using any props, blocks, or
characters that have been unlocked throughout the game. Plus, their designs can
then be shared with friends or used to challenge others to solve their newly
created puzzle via WiiConnect24™.

"As we developed BOOM BLOX, we
realized that the possibilities with the puzzles were endless,” explains Louis
Castle, Executive Producer. “We wanted to extend that element of wonder and
discovery to players and even give them the chance to share those puzzles with
their friends. We feel we’ve reached a new level of creative and immersive game
play with the uniqueness of the Wii system and are looking forward to seeing
what kids create.”

Developed at EA Los Angeles under
the EA Casual Entertainment Label, BOOM BLOX is rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the
ESRB, 3+ by PEGI, and 6+ by the USK, and has a US MSRP of $49.99. For more
information or to download artwork, visit

BOOM BLOX is also available for
mobile phones where players will slide on ice blocks, blast blocks with bombs,
and bounce off springs to solve brain-twisting puzzles and level the playing
field. Enjoying non-stop fun on their phones, players will advance up to forty
levels to reach a target score. Once the in-game puzzles are mastered, the game
will then expand to a vast, new arena. Custom creations can then be posted
online directly from a mobile phone. Players can challenge a global community
with their dynamic puzzles, and rate other players’ works. For information
regarding mobile phone carrier availability, visit