Boom Beach ‘The Temple of Doom Cannons’ update coming tomorrow. Full patch notes here

Hammerman now attacks you!

Following in the footsteps of Clash of Clans, Supercell Games' other action-strategy game, Boom Beach, is getting an update. Come tomorrow, "some time after 9:00am UTC," fans will be able to download the new update, dubbed "The Temple of Doom Cannons."

With it comes a new enemy by the name of Colonel Gearheart, daily events, a Prototype Weapons Lab, and tons of other new stuff and improvements. It's a pretty meaty update, and you can find all of the patch notes below:


  • A new enemy approaches: Colonel Gearheart! Tear down her War Factories in the hunt for prototype modules
  • Hammerman attacks YOU…
  • Events are now daily! (tap here for more info)
  • Daily events start at 6am and end at 3am the following day (21h duration)


  • Prototype Weapons Lab (unlocks at HQ 15)
  • Assemble experimental and unstable prototype defenses
  • Distract and destroy with a new Gunboat ability: Critters (unlocks at HQ 19)
  • Two new super-challenging operations
  • Sea and land turtles


  • One-time only player name change (Settings > Accounts > Change Name)
  • Watch your attack replays from the revamped Activity Log
  • Retreat confirmation
  • Re-arrange your base more easily by swapping building positions
  • Drag and drop Landing Crafts to switch their order
  • Check out your Task Force's operation stats
  • Leave a friendly note when kicking someone from your Task Force
  • Even better AI pathfinding
  • Arabic language support
  • Lots of new graphics
  • Tons of bug fixes


  • Ice Statue boost duration reduced to 8h from 10h
  • Flamethrower and Scorcher burn damage increases from +damage statues
  • VP reward boat comes at 3am now, when the day's event ends
  • Reduced camera shake from the Grenadier's explosions