Bonus Final Fantasy XIII-2 Content for Players with Final Fantasy XIII Game Save

Perhaps one of the most important elements of the Final Fantasy series would be plot, with each game crafting a detailed and intricate narrative filled with a colorful cast of characters. This is perhaps the reason most Final Fantasy games never recieve sequels, as titles like Final Fantasy X-2 are enjoyable, though require players to have played though the forty-hour story of the original game in order to grasp the plot. Square-Enix is looking to fix this problem however, with a lengthy introduction for Final Fantasy XIII-2, one which refreshes players on the story of the previous game, while filling in the details of the ten year gap between the two titles.

This introduction is definitely a good hook for new players, though those who've already played through the original may tire of re-hearing the details of the plot. Interestingly, Square-Enix has chosen to address this by providing entirely new opening narration to players with an existing FFXIII save on their hard drive.

The exact details of this opening narration aren't entirely spoiled, with some suggesting its actually the same narration provided by different characters. Regardless, this change gives hint that more bonuses may be made available to dedicated Final Fantasy fans. Again, not sure how many people were planning on skipping over the original FFXIII so as to play the sequel exclusively, though there's now an additional perk for us rational human beings who play plot-driven games in order.

Source: Destructoid

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