Bombs Away! OGPlanet’s BB Tanks Begins Open Beta Testing

March 2, 2009

Bombs Away! OGPlanet’s BB Tanks
Begins Open Beta Testing

It’s all-out war at OGPlanet as the
BB Tanks open beta test goes live today. Starting today, OGPlanet members can
download the game client software at and start
blowing up new friends from around the world.

"While the game had been in an
informal open beta before," explained Don Choi, COO of OGPlanet, "we recently
took the game offline to do a major revitalization through an internal closed
beta. The result is a streamlined, user-friendly version of our cartoony tank
game. The players will be thrilled with how BB Tanks is shaping up."

BB Tanks – a cult favorite among
OGPlanet’s free-to-play line-up – offers a fun twist on turn-based strategy tank
shooter combat. These cute, cartoon tanks have a wide range of quirky
personalities that are only matched by their wide array of weaponry. Players
must match their skill at setting the angle and power of each shot with weapon
selections that range from homing missiles and satellite shots to poison gas and
water balloons.

During the open beta, players who
have registered for free OGPlanet accounts can hop into combat with up to 7
friends from across the globe. While the game’s premium items will not be added
until the official consumer launch, there will be several fun surprises,
including various open beta events where players can win OGPlanet Astros.