Bombermine is classic Bomberman on a massive scale

A new website has spawned the biggest multiplayer Bomberman matches right on the web, with up to 1,000 players on a single map.

Bombermine, a browser-based massively multiplayer online game, launched just a couple days ago, judging by its Twitter account.

"We've just launched our US/EU/JP servers in beta mode," it tweeted on Feb. 25.

The response has been positive so far, with users on NeoGAF wishing that the game would come to mainstream platforms, pointing out the huge difference between this and regular eight-player matches on PC or consoles.

Each round lasts 20 minutes.

Bomberman has been around since 1983 and has seen over 80 releases. This one's not official by any means, though. Its creating company, Hudson Soft, was dissolved last year as it became a part of Konami Digital Entertainment.

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[via Kotaku]