Bomberman ULTRA Tips and Tricks

June 26, 2009

ULTRA Tips and Tricks

Hudson Entertainment has released a
set of tips and tricks for their recently released PSN game, Bomberman Ultra.
The tips are meant to help beginner players as they start out with the game, as
well as a few tips for more experienced players. Read the tips and tricks below:

Beginner Tips:

  1. Customize your Character: Make
    your Bomberman unique by picking up any one of 50 unique costumes. For a
    really wild look you can mix and match costumes.

  2. Know your Power-ups: There are
    over 16 power-ups (and Power-Downs) in Bomberman ULTRA, and it’s good to know
    what each does from speed up to bomb kick.

  3. Avoid Power-downs: Make sure to
    avoid power-downs such as Slowdown, or Fire-Down. It is easy to just grab
    everything you see so be careful. On the other hand you can sometimes force
    your opponent to pick them up.

  4. Trap your Opponents: Learn how to
    trap you opponents, either by luring them into a dead end or between 2 bombs
    (with the Bomb-Up power-up). Practice this technique in offline mode and
    you’ll be laying them to waste on online mode.

  5. Patience: In the beginning, take
    you time and methodically blow up blocks. Don’t rush a path straight to your
    opponent. Open up the area and gather power-ups

  6. Customize your View: Press R3 to
    change your viewing angle.

  7. Avoid Blowing Yourself Up: It
    sounds stupid but many players end up blowing themselves up. Always be
    conscious of where you lay your bombs and what sort of power-ups you have. If
    you have Fire-Up(s) make sure you know who big your blast is going to be.

  8. Super Revenge: With the Super
    Revenge Mode on players who have died can come back to life by hitting the
    players from the sidelines. If this option is on make sure to take advantage
    of it!

Intermediate tips:

  1. Chain Reaction: Line up multiple
    bombs so when the first one explodes, nearby bombs also explode. This can take
    out unsuspecting enemies from far away!

  2. Share the Sickness: Got skulls and
    handoffs turned on? Did one of the skulls get you sick? Well, by all means go
    ahead and pass that sickness onto another player! Sharing is caring (and it
    weakens the competition)!

  3. Punch Out: We’ve all been trapped
    by bombs at one point or another. The bomb punch power-up isn’t just for
    offense; it’s actually a great defensive tool, too! If you’re trapped, just
    punch your way out of a jam.

  4. Around the World: Got the glove
    and want to reach out and touch someone? Pick up a bomb and toss it off the
    edge of the arena. It will appear on the other side and scare the bejeebus
    (and maybe even frag) someone on the other side!

Advanced Tip:

  1. Learn from Others: There are lots
    of amazingly talented Bomberman players out there. Learn from them as they
    frag you endlessly. Better yet, make friends and ask them for advice!