Bobby Carrot becomes a (Multi) Millionhare!

September 8, 2008

Bobby Carrot becomes a (Multi)‘Millionhare’!

iPhone Version releases 1st

The German independent software
developer and publisher FDG Entertainment has good reason to celebrate! The
world famous puzzle adventure series “Bobby Carrot 15”, which up to now has only
been available on mobile phones, has already sold over a million units. The
eponymous main game character, the cute hare “Bobby Carrot”, has to collect all
of the carrots in a level in order to reach the exit. There are plenty of other
puzzles which block the way too. The simple game principle is quickly learned,
but it’s not long before it gets challenging for even the most hard‐core puzzle

Within a quite short period, the
game series has picked up numerous awards and BC Part 4 snapped up the “Best
German Mobile Game” at the 2006 “German Developer Awards” held in Essen. When
it seemed that the end of the game series was being announced with “Bobby Carrot
5: Forever”, thousands of fans complained. However, the title “Forever” was not
being used symbolically.

From its release, 30 new
downloadable levels have appeared every month, available via the ingame download
option, these are also available to purchase as “Level Up!” standalone extra
level packs. This also lets fans collect the rare “golden carrots” and they can
then trade these on the
  website in Download Gimmicks for items such as a
Bobby Carrot PC game, artwork, original soundtracks and plenty more.

The collected golden carrots are
converted into “Magic Codes” in the mobile game and these can then be uniquely
entered by users on the website. To date over 1 million golden carrots have been
traded in Download Gimmicks, making Bobby Carrot a Golden Carrot ‘Millionhare’!
A special iPhone version of Bobby Carrot 5: Forever is in development and will
offer improved graphics and animations, a re‐worked soundtrack and the usual
fantastic level design and superb settings. At the end of the game there is a
very special surprise. iPhone and iPod Touch owners can look forward to a
beautifully presented puzzle adventure. Release date is 1st November 2008