Boba Fett coming to non-PlayStation versions of Disney Infinity 3.0 this month

The hunter becomes a common item

Alright, Boba Fett. Now that you've reached your quota of assignments from the PlayStation community, it's time to open up the pool to the rest of us paying customers.

This afternoon, the Disney Infinity team confirmed in a Twitch broadcast that the mercenary's figure will be getting a full retail release on March 15, bringing their deal of timed exclusivity with Sony to an end. Toy Box Artists who have been building themed creations for a figure they don't have access to (digitally, anyway) can finally fill the void.

March 15 is also the day when the new Marvel Battlegrounds playset will release. Said to be inspired by Dreamcast fighting game Power Stone, the brawler-style campaign will be the first in the franchise's history to allow use of both 3.0 and 2.0 characters in the same playset.