Blurry image hints at more single-player content for Mass Effect 3

Only on the internet can a vague, blurred out image spark rumors and wild speculation of upcoming DLC for a video game. A ridiculously blurry image shown at this weekend's Montreal Comic Con has made its way around the interwebs, fueling speculation of new single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3.

According to the poster, the devs posted a little teaser of what's to come with Mass Effect 3. As you can see, the image is extremely hard to make out. 

"Shepard is looking at some kind of station or something and it looked like there was a quarian standing behind him," the poster said.

Some fans have dug through discarded dialogue and maps from Mass Effect 3's game files and the current prediction is that the new DLC will involve the Omega station, a low-life haven Commander Shepard visits in Mass Effect 2. For Mass Effect 3, this would be the third expansion following the release of From Ashes and last month's Leviathan.