Bluff Like the Pros with New STACKED Poker School Trailer

New STACKED Poker School Trailer

Myelin Media has released a new
Poker School trailer from their upcoming Texas Hold ’em game, "STACKED(TM) with
Daniel Negreanu." In this first video excerpt, players will learn Daniel’s
advice on bluffing like a pro. Daniel Negreanu’s Poker School teaches the player
all aspects of Texas Hold ‘em using full motion video, voiceovers, and scripted
in-game sequences.

"STACKED" immerses the player in a
3-D world of excitement and drama in “America’s new national pastime.” Assume
the role of an unknown professional poker player with Daniel Negreanu, one of
the world’s most successful poker professionals, as an advisor. Whether a
beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, Daniel has tips and tricks for all
levels. Players will encounter notorious poker celebrities as they rise in rank
including Josh Arieh, Jennifer Harman, Erick Lindgren, Carlos Mortensen, Evelyn
Ng and David Williams.

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