Blue Cell Networks, e-Plus, July Systems, & THQ Wireless Unveil Unique On-the-Spot Download Solution for Mobile Content at GC 2005

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Blue Cell Networks, e-Plus, July
Systems, & THQ Wireless Unveil Unique “On-the-Spot” Download Solution for Mobile
Content at GC 2005

New beamzoneTM Solution Offers
New Service Distribution Channel for Mobile Operators and Mobile Content

Leipzig, 15 August 2005 – Four 2.20
meter high illuminated blue columns will catch the attention of visitors at this
year’s Games Convention in Leipzig. The columns will automatically beam exciting
mobile content such as the latest games, ring-tones and wallpapers free to
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones of visitors in the show area. This is a
demonstration of beamzoneTM, a unique new solution offered by Blue Cell
Networks, e-Plus, July Systems and THQ Wireless that allows mobile content and
services to be distributed via Bluetooth ‘hotspots’ to mobile phones in a
specific location. In the future there will be a chance to test mobile content
for free at a lot of public places like restaurants, department stores and train

Visitors to the Games convention who
wish to experience the new beamzoneTM service can find prominent beamzoneTM
‘hotspots’ in the July Systems and THQ Wireless booths in the Business Center,
in the main entrance hall of the Games Convention, as well as in July Systems’
booth at the GC Developers Conference. Targeted at visitors carrying
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, the demonstration service will offer free
mobile content sponsored by e-Plus, free-trial games using July’s smart mobile
retailing solution, and bookmarks where users can find other exciting content.
The content is downloaded without any GPRS costs for users. All content for the
service is provided by leading content provider THQ Wireless, while Blue Cell
Networks provides the Bluetooth distribution solution, and July Systems brings
its innovative technology that allows smart, personalized retailing of mobile

The first-of-its-kind beamzoneTM
solution is a significant development as it provides a new channel for mobile
operators and other content retailers to distribute mobile content and services
to consumers in a location-specific context, without the costs associated with
content transfer via GPRS. The service also gives business partners excellent
promotional possibilities: Besides branding of the beamzoneTM columns,
advertising inside the mobile contents is also possible. Trade partners get an
attractive option for mobile marketing: Free content, news and actual product
offers can be transferred to customer’s cell phones within a radius of 30
meters. The contents may vary from column to column.

Blue Cell networks CEO Rainer Rother
expects from the beamzoneTM cooperation that the columns will find the attention
of visiting retailers, who will deploy this new dimension of mobile marketing to
enrich the point-of-sale of their hardware department.

e-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG about
the new opportunities made available through beamzones: “For us as a provider of
mobile telephone services the beamzones are a very interesting tool, as they
allow us to increase the number of customers visiting our shops. In our shops
the customer is able to try attractive content for free on his cell phone
whenever he wants.”

Dr. Wilhelm Bielert, Vice President
of Business Development, EMEA, July Systems says, “July is excited to provide
its smart mobile retailing and try-before-buy capabilities which are central to
the beamzoneTM distribution solution. July’s mobile retailing infrastructure in
Germany reaches subscribers on all the leading mobile operators and allows July
to quickly deploy different types of cross-operator, cross-content mobile
services for new customers and partners in Germany.”

Raoul Birkhold, Territory Manager
Central Europe, THQ Wireless, says, “We look forward to explore the potential of
this new distribution channel for our mobile content, in addition to traditional
channels. Also, I am convinced the try-before-you-buy service and other
innovative retailing models will have a very positive effect on distribution and
sales of mobile content. We expect these to deliver much higher revenues
compared to regular download services, because of the flexibility they offer
consumers in the way they use and purchase content. THQ Wireless will continue
its collaboration with beamzoneTM and be the exclusive content provider for all
future services.”