Blue Byte Launches Battle Isle: The Andosia War Demo



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Chance to Experience New Gaming Genre


Texas)–November 03, 2000- Blue Byte Software, a popular entertainment
software publisher, today released the first taste of its’ real-time and
turn-based game Battle Isle: The Andosia War. Due for release later this month
exclusively via Blue Byte DIRECT™ ( in
the U.S. and Canada and in retail stores throughout the rest of the world;
Battle Isle: The Andosia War offers an innovative and enjoyable mixture of
real-time and turn-based gameplay along with stunning visuals and atmospheric
sound. At 67.3 MB, this appetizer features an in-depth tutorial and a scenario
from the game itself, allowing players to become familiar with game’s user
interface and to immerse themselves in the game’s storyline and environment.


Isle: The Andosia War, developed by Cauldron in Slovakia, is Blue Byte’s
follow up to the award-winning Incubation released in 1997.

new demo will really give gamers a chance to find out what this game is all
about," promised Thomas Hertzler, CEO of Blue Byte Software and producer
of the original Battle Isle. "The game is tough to explain to those
people that are not familiar with its cross-genre appeal, and so playing the
demo will really hammer home the fantastic capabilities of the game and allow
players to familiarize themselves with the concept before the full game is

information and links to the download can be found at the Blue Byte Game


BATTLE ISLE series In 1991, Blue Byte Software released their first strategy
title, Battle Isle 1. The game elements took shape into what has become a kind
of trademark for the entire Battle Isle series: Tactic and strategy combined
with extraordinary game depth, detailed graphics and a rich background story.
Instead of the standard black-white clichés, the Battle Isle story offered
multifaceted characters with inner conflicts, characters with which gamers
could more readily identify. The success of the game was inevitable, and
Battle Isle 2 (1993), Battle Isle 3 (1995) and the action-filled tactical game
Incubation (1997) followed. Incubation was the first game in the Battle Isle
series to offer a complete 3D environment. Currently, the series contains a
total of four mission CDs and Data disks. Over 650,000 copies of the Battle
Isle games have been sold to date, and the series has received numerous
worldwide honors and awards. The fifth installment in the Battle Isle series
will be Battle Isle: The Andosia War, scheduled for release in November 2000.


Blue Byte Software Established in 1988, Blue Byte is a privately-owned company
and has consistently re-affirmed its position as one of the world’s leading
independent developers and publishers of PC games software with award-winning
titles such as Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour, The Battle Isle Series, The
Settlers Series, Extreme Assault, Incubation, Game, Net & Match! and
Stephen King’s* F13.


its 13th year, Blue Byte is synchronizing its international operations from
offices in the USA and Germany with a development program that is both
advancing the development of online and network gaming and broadening the
audience for computer games. The company introduced its Blue Byte DIRECT™
online store in May 2000, selling games exclusively online in the U.S. and
Canada. This significant step was made to take full advantage of North
America’s more advanced Internet culture, and Blue Byte is well on its way
towards pioneering the popularization of computer gaming as a true global
entertainment medium.


King’s name is used with permission under license.


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