Bloodline Champions Scraps VIP Options Pre-Launch

Funcom and Stunlock Studios have announced that the VIP membership option for their upcoming MMO RTS, Bloodline Champions, has been done away with due to feedback from the open beta.

Luckily, some of the VIP privileges will be filtered down into all other pricing models, including the F2P option. Advanced stats are available to everyone, and VIP tournaments have been merged into the standard tournaments.

The complete list of changes is as follows:

Advanced stats: Everyone get this for free!
VIP tournaments: Will be merged with the regular tournaments – everyone can join on equal footing (barring US and EU differences).
Weekly blood-coin generation: The weekly cap will only exist for free customers. Once a free customer upgrades to an Edition the weekly cap is removed.
Advanced bots: Now included to all Champion and Titan customers.
Ad-free VOIP: Titan only, with a stand-alone product being evaluated for our other customers.
Lifetime 10% discount to in-game store items using Funcom Points: Titan only (as before).
Additional Titan Edition benefit: Will for life receive all new Bloodlines (characters) as they are released.
Champion Edition customers will receive 10 USD worth of Funcom Points as compensation for the 60 days of VIP service that was originally included.