Bloodborne hackers discover two new hidden bosses

Maybe there are more?

Bloodborne hackers find two new hidden bosses

One of the most beloved PS4 games to date is the Dark Souls spiritual successor, Bloodborne. The incredibly difficult game from FromSoftware sees players using swords, old guns, and other fantastical weapons to defeat terrifying monsters that look like they came from the depths of Hell itself.

The 2014 game has been beaten by tons of brave players, leading many to believe that everything the game has to offer has been seen… but that’s not completely true. Some hackers have broken into the game’s files to find some unused areas, characters, and deadly bosses.

A player by the name of Zullie The Witch discovered a glyph to access the hidden areas. A glyph known as “sikgc3sm” held one of the biggest discoveries in the form of a never before seen variant of the final boss of Bloodborne, the Moon Presence boss.

Another boss that has been discovered is an animalistic beast known as the Great One. Zullie The Witch found this boss at glyph “arkhv2vs” and you can see it in action below. Since these areas were seemingly never meant to be found, there are no lanterns to return to the game’s hub world so players must dive down into an endless void in the boss’ room.

Bloodborne is out now on PlayStation 4.