Blood Bowl: Dark Elves – Available for Free Soon

October 23, 2009

Blood Bowl: Dark Elves –
Available for Free Soon

The PC adaptation of Games
Workshop’s legendary board game has established itself brilliantly in all
European countries since its release earlier this year, leading the charts in
Germany, France and the United Kingdom. This success helped Blood Bowl build a
great and ever-expanding community of players that regularly compete online on
the game’s servers.

While the PC game already offers
eight races from Blood Bowl world (from a selection of more than twenty races),
players will be pleased to know that the Dark Elves will be available as a free
download this November. The full game will also be available as a digital
download, and in most stores in a special version of the game called the "Blood
Bowl Dark Elves Edition". This edition will feature the entire Blood Bowl game
with the addition of the famous Dark Elves.

The Dark Elves enter the Blood Bowl
arena with their own Star Player, cheerleaders, new model designs and unique
animations. These evil cousins of the Wood Elves hold their heads high and have
only one goal: prove their supremacy to all! To celebrate their arrival, enjoy
these first exclusive Dark Elves’ images!

Dark Elves combine Elven agility
with a cruel brutality. They are perfectly at ease playing the ball or crushing
skulls with their callous fists. Furthermore, their Witch Elves excel in that
field, as long as they don’t get caught up in the euphoria of battle! Dark Elves
are masters of deception and can also call upon deadly Assassins to instill fear
(and the cold blade of a dagger!) in their adversaries’ heart.

An ultra-violent strategy game based
on Warhammer Fantasy and American football, Blood Bowl allows players to create
the ultimate “fantasy” sports teams. Coaches can build bone-crushing teams of
Orcs, Wood Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and many more fantastic creatures – then throw
them into the stadium for the ultimate blood sport! Blood Bowl is strategic,
action-packed and violent, requiring coaches to use their best tactics, team
design – and a dose of pure ruthless bloodlust always helps too!