Blood clot causes girl’s feet to be amputated, video games blamed

Video games are often under scrutiny for several reasons and by several types of people. Whether it's some washed up lawyer bitching and moaning (and bitching) about how Grand Theft Auto is causing kids to go insane, or some unfortunate college student who decides that a tragic twist of fate was the aftermath of video games, it looks like our favorite medium just can't catch a break.

Roxanne Myers is an art student who was studying in New York. One of her assignments was to create a piece on "addiction and consumption." She started playing insane amounts of video games at her desk, and she ended up falling asleep … with her legs crossed … all the while suffering from an unknown blood clot.

The aftermath: Myers had her feet amputated. In all honesty, I feel for this girl. What happened to her is a total shame, and it really sucks. But while I can feel sympathy toward her and her unfortunate situation, it's the interview conducted on (warning: graphic images) that really bothers me. From her statement that she "lost her feet to video games" to her closing comment about how people get so addicted to video games that they let them take over their lives and disregard their health, there's very little substance in the interview.

I'm sorry, but I have to call BS. For starters, Myers didn't lose her feet to video games. She lost them to a pre-existing condition. Second, she mentioned that people get addicted to gaming and "don't have any concern for their health." Correct me if I'm wrong, but the fact that Myers had no idea of this condition possibly means she hadn't been to a doctor in some time, which can also point to a lack of concern for her own well-being on her part.

Roxanne, I feel for you, but you're wrong. As for, never have I witnessed such terrible mediocrity from a website that's obviously trying to be professional. You guys fail, and you fail hard. The writing on your site is horrible, the video editing is sub-par at best, and your misleading headlines are utter crap. Also, what's with that snaggletooth d*ckhead's creepy smile? You have a girl who's going through a really tough time, and you have an awkward smile the entire time?

Once again video games are falsely attacked. And once again, it's the attackers who are exposed as off as know-it-all douchebags who really know nothing.

To watch the non-graphic version of this hideous interview, click here.