Blizzard wins award for Diablo III ‘Black Soulstone’ cinematic

The Blizzard Cinematics team, which I think we can all agree is one of the best there is, won the ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer’ award for their Diablo III: Black Soulstone cinematic trailer.

The Visual Effects Society announced the winners of its 10th Annual VES Awards, presenting the award to Nick Carpenter, VP of art & cinematic development; Jon Lanz, VFX supervisor; Chris Thunig, 2D art director; and Taka Yasuda, producer.  The VES Awards recognizes "outstanding visual effects artistry in 23 categories of film, animation, television, commercials, special venues, and video games."

The Diablo 3: Black Soulstone trailer was released back in October 2011, offering a glimpse into the gritty, evolving story of Diablo III.

As Deckard Cain's niece, Leah, struggles to make sense of her uncle's mysterious and disturbing notations, she bears witness to a dark vision. Azmodan, Lord of Sin, towers over the fragile young woman, swearing his armies of the burning Hells shall pour forth into Sanctuary, ravishing the world and all hope of resistance.