Blizzard’s Titan project ‘dead in the middle of development’

Blizzard still isn't really talking about its top secret MMO project, currently code named Titan, but that hasn't

After jokingly acting oblivious to the project, Rob Pardo revealed that Blizzard is "definitely dead in the middle of development". For many, that could mean numerous things, but Pardo confirmed that there is now over 100 people working on the game.

"Titan's still moving along," Pardo said during an interview with Curse. "I don't want to get anyones hopes up that it's around the corner or anything."

"Its a very big project. It's got a long way to go," he admitted. "I don't know yet when we're really going to start releasing more information. We're definitely dead in the middle of development at this point. I think we're over 100 people now on the team working on it."

When asked about Titan's rumored six year development, Pardo responded, "I guess it depends on how you look at such things."

"When we first start a team, we start it really, really small," he clarified. "Like we might start with just a couple people and we just talk about the concepts; we draw some concept art."

He did set the record straight, however. "It definitely has not be in core development for that long. I'd say core development maybe more closer to  four years. Even that was with a smallish team."

With World of Warcraft seemingly losing steam,Blizzard might want to speed up the production of Titan. Especially after analysts are describing the sales of Mists of Pandaria as "disappointing".