Blizzard is Hiring for Their Next-Gen MMO

Blizzard is hard at work to deliver nothing but quality titles to its dedicated fan base. From Diablo III, to the next StarCraft II expansion, as well as bringing Pandaren to WoW, Blizzard die-hards have a lot to be excited about.

Though a look at their current Careers page on the site, there is a full listing of spots that are classified as Next-Gen MMO. Could this be the rumored Titan Project that we've seen circulating on the internet since 2007?

  • 3D Character Animator
  • 3D Character Artist
  • 3D Character Weapon and Equipment Artist
  • 3D Environment Artist, Architecture
  • Art Outsourcing Manager
  • Engineering Department Manager
  • Franchise Development Producer
  • Lead 3D Environment Artist, Architecture
  • Producer / Senior Producer
  • Senior 3D Character Artist
  • Senior 3D Environment Artist, Architecture
  • Senior Software Engineer, Engine
  • Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay
  • Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay Interfaces
  • Senior Software Engineer, Server
  • Senior Software Engineer, Tools
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • Software Engineer, Build Systems

The term Next-Gen is also something to think about. Let's face it, the WoW engine is becoming quite outdated. Though the game continually looked better with some advancements, the caricatured look of the characters and the environments is definitely showing its age. Next-Gen obviously means more than just the next big MMO for Blizzard, it has to mean the next generation in graphics in terms of MMORPG's. It could also mean next-gen game conventions, possibly things we've never seen in an MMO before.

Most of all, this could possibly mean that the next MMO could very well tie into consoles. Anything refered to as "Next-Gen" these days usually pertains to consoles, and seeing as how Diablo III is rumored to possibly be on consoles as well, it wouldn't be surprising for Blizzard's next MMO to make the jump as well.