Blizzard is allegedly working on a StarCraft HD remaster

But... will they bring it to consoles too?

Back in 1998, the world was first introduced to the science fiction real-time strategy game known as StarCraft. The game quickly became a cultural phenomenon, selling millions of copies, getting sequels and spin-offs, as well as huge pro-gaming competitions.

It looks like we might get to experience the magic of the original StarCraft once again, except this time with a couple updates.

According to a report from iNews24 (via Kotaku), Blizzard is planning on releasing an HD version of the original StarCraft. Blizzard has yet to make the announcement, but sources are pointing towards a September reveal. Details on the remaster are sparse, but it is being said that the game will feature original gameplay with improved graphics and user interface (UI).

A September reveal for a StarCraft remaster could happen, considering that the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series will be wrapping up then. If the reveal doesn't come next month, then all bets are on a November announcement during BlizzCon.