BLITZ Creates New Destination Site for GE


BLITZ Grows Geoterra with
Inspiring Interaction

Beverly Hills, Calif., June 16, 2005
–Award-winning, full-service interactive advertising agency, BLITZ
announced today that it has created a new and compelling destination site for
as part of GE’s “ecomagination” initiative.

“Ecomagination” brings to market new
technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges
such as the need for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy, reduced
emissions and abundant sources of clean water. Through the Geoterra destination
site, BLITZ developed an immersive online experience that will entertain,
educate, promote and inspire customers, while demonstrating the innovation of GE

“Our long standing business
relationship with GE facilitated their support for BLITZ to create a unique and
immersive destination site, which humanizes the massive concept of what the
ecomagination initiative is,” said Gregg Apirian, CEO of BLITZ. “Geoterra is at
the heart of what ecomagination represents. It is fun, engaging and shows the
world that GE has a positive impact on the world.”

Geoterra is an interactive
GE-branded experience that presents game-like attractions that allow players to
enhance the well being of an island’s inhabitants and environment through the
diversity of GE’s ecomagination products and their ability to create a greener
planet. Geoterra immerses players in an environment where they discover and
utilize GE products and allows them to understand the positive impact on their
own world.

The challenge of the game revolves
around the player’s ability to interact with three eco-challenges and not only
score as high as possible, but recognize the best use for each of the GE
products and effectively utilize them on the fictitious island. Optimal
performance results in a higher Geoscore.

As players complete the three
challenges, their Geoscore increases. The higher their score, the more the
island becomes a world of pure e ecomagination. As a reward for completing
Geoterra, users are invited to register with a U.S. or an international map that
features a real-time network tracker. The purpose of this network is to
illustrate environmental consciousness on an international level and to track
which areas have the most participants. This viral component has players telling
their friends about Geoterra via e-mail.


BLITZ is an award-winning,
full-service interactive advertising agency specializing in the development of
revolutionary consumer experiences and campaigns for some of the world’s most
exciting brands including Microsoft, GE, LucasArts, Sony Pictures Entertainment,
Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and many more. Based in Beverly Hills, Calif.,
BLITZ reaches the coveted Gen X, Y and Z consumer in their medium of choice, in
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