Bleszinski Thinking of a Gears of War Prequel?

Gears of War 3, one of the most anticipated games launching this fall, is the final game in the “EPIC” trilogy, but designer Cliff Bleszinski is already thinking of future Gears projects.

In an interview with Ripten, CliffyB presented his views on the possibility of more Gears titles from a business perspective. He stated, “Gears 1 and 2 sold about 6 million copies, so if this game comes out and, God willing, sells 8 or 10 million it would be completely dumb to not do another one, right? It’s just business 101.”

Concluding that comment, Bleszinski was asked where the series could go. He answered saying, “Well, there’s always the Peter Jackson route,” said Bleszinski. “Do The Hobbit or something like that.”

Does this mean we could be seeing a Gears of War prequel? I can’t help but think how frantic it would be to be playing during the E-day invasion. Where would you like to see the series go after the third game releases? Comment below and let us know!