Blade, the Vampire Hunter coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest for Halloween

And Marvel: Avengers Alliance too

Just in time for Halloween, Blade, the famous Daywalker and Vampire Hunter, joins Marvel Puzzle Quest as the newest hero you can recruit. 

Blade attacks his enemies with slashing, crippling, ambushing and trapping attacks. Blade fights against his vampiric urges, using his thirst for blood to fuel his rage. It provides a powerful offensive boost for any team that uses him. From the looks of the pictures, his green ability will be called "The Thirst." Update: Blade's abilities have been revealed

The Blade update for Marvel Puzzle Quest will go live on Friday, October 24. He will be earnable and playable after the conclusion of Marvel Puzzle Quest's "The Hunt" event, which ends on October 28. He will also have his own Versus Tournament in the game starting on November 3. 

If you play Marvel: Avengers Alliance, they'll be getting a brand-new Spec Op, timed with Halloween, that is a two-pronged surgical strike. Strike Team Expurgo, led by Doctor Strange, will stay in New York and fight the Demonic threat. Strike Team Lamia, with the help of Blade (revealed as the first reward character), will help fight against Vampires in London.