Black & White for the PC Goes Gold


EA GAMES and Lionhead Studios are very excited to share the news surrounding
Black & White for the PC — the highly anticipated game GOES FINAL
GOLD!!!!!!! Mark your calendars and get your pre-orders placed – Black &
White is scheduled for a massive release on Tuesday, March 27 (in North

From creator/industry legend Peter Molyneux, comes a revolutionary project
that delivers a well-balanced, never before accomplished marriage of unique
elements within the Role Playing God (RPG) and Strategy Simulation genres.
More over, the available breadth and unique ability to play as a good (white)
and/or evil (bad) deity no doubt helps to elevate the game’s overall
innovative stature. To be considered by many – including Molyneux himself – as
quite possibly the most ambitious game within the interactive gaming realm to
date, Black & White promises to re-define gaming in a multitude of ways.


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