Black Suit Spider-Man figure confirmed for Disney Infinity 3.0

Fighting (for) the Symbiote

When the Disney Infinity community questioned why Black Suit Spider-Man was featured in 3.0's collection menu, John Vignocchi denied that there were ever plans to release the character — who was exclusive to the Vita Starter Pack for 2.0 Edition — as a standalone figure for 3.0. His presence was more of a bug than anything else. But that bug paved the way for much petitioning that the figure be released regardless, prompting the team to consider it as a viable addition to the roster. Now, thanks to fan feedback, Black Suit Spider-Man will be made available for play in 3.0.

The news came during a live Toy Box TV broadcast last night, intended to showcase the new figures that are releasing today — Spot, Ultron, Hulkbuster, and Darth Maul. Mixed in with such demonstrations was an informal announcement from John Vignocchi himself, confirming that Black Suit Spider-Man will indeed be produced during 3.0's lifecycle.

In reality, Black Suit Spider-Man will only appeal to devoted Marvel fans and diehard Infinity collectors, as he is a re-skin of the Spider-Man figure currently available. In fact, using the Alien Symbiote Power Disc released during Disney Infinity 2.0's lifecycle, this cosmetic skin can be applied to your existing Spider-Man figure. But those interested in doing so will either need to brave the blind bags or refer to eBay listings, which may very well see price increases with this news.

There's no indication as to when it will release, particularly in relation to Peter Pan — the community-voted character who is expected to arrive sometime in 2016. But it bodes well for other fan-requested characters to see how the community's rallying has paid off yet again.