Black Desert Online releasing Part One of its next expansion, Valencia in June

You get to ride camels!

Black Desert Online, the recently released Korean MMORPG by Developer Pearl Abyss has announced that the first part of the game's next major expansion, Valencia will be releasing on June 1st and is set to increase the size of the world by 30%. Valencia Part One will also come packed with new quests (some of which extend the main storyline), new mounts and gear.

Part One of the expansion will take players to an all new desert area and introduce new exploration mechanics. The game will simulate extreme heat and intense cold during the the day and night (respectively) and will require players to keep themselves hydrated and warm effectively. The game will also now feature sandstorms that will damage the player until they set up tents to protect themselves.

The game's minimap will also be disabled in this area, further reinforcing the game's emphasis on finding your way through the desert. 

Camels and Elephants can also now be purchased as rideable mounts with Camels being the mount of choice for desert traversal due to their natural resistance to the elements. Elephants make great mounts for Siege Warfare as well.

Speaking of Siege Warfare, Node and Castle Siege warfare tests will get underway on June 15 and run for two weeks. This will allow players to familiarize themselves with the game's new PvP mechanics which will feature epic large-scale battles.